Satin nights and days

Hi all! A month and a few days later, I am back. Spring has sprung in Arizona; I have the door open, heater is off for now, and I am not wearing my jacket. But best of all, I am down to wearing 1 pair of socks and 1 tee to bed! During winter, I wear 2 pairs of socks and a short sleeve tee and a long sleeve tee. It's been pleasant.

However, you're not here for my seasonal clothing habits! I have a finish, bday SAL progress, and Maynia plans, so let's get going!

First is my finish...Red House by Sheepish Designs..

Here she is and I just love it. I stitched on this the entire month of March. There's a lot of flowers, and other things. Some flowers are satin stitched, hence my title of this post. I just finished last Wednesday. I used a 36ct linen from Dixiesamplar with GAST. The words are the Brethren Blue. I am seeing that Brethren Blue is now available.

Here is what I'm stitching now..
Bittersweet Sampler by BBD. I have since added more satin stitched diamonds at the top there. I've had this pattern for awhile but it wasn't until I saw Live To Stitch Mae (I think that's her name?) frame her version and it's beautiful. I'm using 35ct Linen linen by WDW. While looking at Mae's version, I counted the diamond border and she has 14 of them while on my pattern I count 15! So I'm confused! I decided to leave the diamond border alone for now and I'm stitching cross country to get to the big flower next to the house and line up the top border. I did a search on this pattern and found some finished with 14 or 15 diamond satin stitched border! I don't know what to think but I think my stitching across to the flower might help me get it. Cross your fingers!

I've decided to take part in Maynia this year. Here's what I'm doing, brand new starts. Just two but both a good size. First is Kringle by LHN
I'm using everything called for. I splurged on the floss bundle last month and bought the Parisian linen, huge piece, last week. I was thinking I was nuts to start this since I still have Frosty Forest unfinished. I'm just going for it!

Next is this one that I have stitched before..
Remember this? It was a comedy of errors because I kept running out of the Moonglow and/or Mascara floss. The pattern called for 2 skeins of Moonglow. I ended up using 3 skeins for 2 over 1 on 32ct. I sold my first completed one after someone spyed me working on it and offered pretty good money for it. This new one will be mine and I won't sell it. I bought 3 skeins of Moonglow and 2 of Mascara. The plan is to stitch Kringle the first 15 days and Midnight Ride the last 15 or 16, however many days in May.

I'm looking forward to that!

So everything's going well here. We're staying covid free. I'm still debating on a vaccination though. My brother had his first shot and was fine, he's waiting for his 2nd coming soon.

I'm hoping to have WiFi in another month or two, finally! I can get back to my original blog and fix everything wrong. I screwed up the password. The recovery email attached to it I finally straightened out and I think once I get WiFi back in the house, I'll be able to blog again on the old blog. Stay tuned!

Alrighty, that's it. I better upload this before my phone goes haywire!

Take care all! I promise to get to blogging more. See you next time.


  1. Well done on getting the Red House piece finished! Nice start on the BBD piece! You have picked two lovely pieces to work on during Stitch Maynia. Have a wonderful week!

  2. We've all had both doses of vaccine and no one had any after effects other than mild arm soreness. I'm glad to be able to cross that off my to-do list! haha
    Great finish, eager to watch your progress on your starts. Enjoy this spring weather!

  3. I do like the Red House Sampler, especially that very bendy tree!
    Hope you get the diamond border mystery solved as the next design grows.
    I like the Halloween design too.
    I'm continuing with my Just Nan-a-then for Maynia again this year.

  4. Glad to read things are warming up for you, Shelly! We just returned from San Diego and, to be honest, it was just too cool for me there. Returned home to weather in the 70s and am much more comfortable. But, they do get that wonderful sun nearly every day.

    Your Red House is lovely and I really look forward to watching your progress on Kringles. I think that one is so charming, but just know I wouldn't want to devote the time to such a large piece.

    I've had both shots as have two of my sons, my husband and my siblings. All were fine with varying reactions, but nothing serious. It definitely helped us feel safer when traveling all the way to CA!

    Take care now and enjoy your week! ♥


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