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A finish, an FFO, and more

Hi all! Thanks again for following me to this new location. I have a new start, a finish and an FFO, so let's go. First I thought I would respond to a few comments: Kay, I hope your son is recovering well. It's such a scary thing! Jo, with your skills I'm sure that your envelope with parts of Halloween Town on it is just gorgeous! Old Dame Holly Rose, unfortunately there is no follow button here but please follow on my old blog. I still use it to announce new posts here. Alright! A new start..Town of Halloween.. I coffee dyed my fabric but it's still not dyed enough. After I'm finished, I'll dip it some more! I'm enjoying this one, even with all the black. And surprise surprise, I have an FFO! Fall Owl by Casey Buonaugurio, in the 2011 Sept/Oct JCS issue. I stitched this last year I think. I left off the year that was on either side of the owl. The backing is a dark orange wool. I had a few others to FFO but this was it for today. I also finished Ghost.. The