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Getting there!

 Hi all! I'm back for my bday SAL update. It ends on the 29th which is my bday. Just 5 more new starts to go! I'm amazed that I've kept up. Let's get to the pictures! I left off on the Ewe & Eye & Friends last post. No pictures because all I stitched was a row of the border. It calls for the four-sided stitch but who's got time for that?! So that border will be just regular stitches. Next up.. This is Toil and Trouble by LK. I cannot find the chart for this. It's here in this house somewhere. On a leftover piece of linen using overdyed floss. Next... Warm Wishes from an older JCS ornament issue. I have just that top border stitched. Next is.. The Size of The Gift from the 2016 issue of the JCS ornament mag. On 40ct Helix by PTP. Whew, I know I can't stitch on 40ct too often. I use readers but maybe I need a stronger pair. It's a cute design and should stitch up fast.  Next up.. That is Happy Halloween, from last year's Halloween issue. I just

SAL update

Hello! Back for another sal update, twelve more days to go of new starts. It's been fun. I'm also cheating at stitching on a start into the next day! I love everything I picked for my sal. Here's the next bunch of new starts.. A LHN design that I had kitted for awhile also one that I've stitched for a second day. Another mystery piece of linen, it's perfect for that wintery design. Lots of gray splotches on it. Next is.. By Luminous Fiber Arts. I have just that row of stitches so far. It's such a beautiful design, stitched with GAST Cranberry.  Here's... My very first HATS design. I'll eventually stitch all 4 ornaments. I'm using 36ct winter moon, not sure by whom. And DMCs. The one I'm stitching is over at the right with the blue dress. Next is.. This one is called Peek a Boo by Val's Stuff, a Halloween design. I've misplaced the chart but have my master copy. It'll be cute. It has 2 cats peeking from either side with a pumpkin peeki

Bday SAL!

Hi all! Hope the new year is going well, well, under the circumstances anyway! Myself, I'd like to fast forward to 2022. Lots of pics today so let's get going! I showed my 1st SAL start last post. It was Boo. The next projects are in no order. The 2nd project might've been... This is Believe in Christmas, from the JCS Ornament preview mag 2015. I'm using the called for floss on mystery linen. Next up is.. A collaboration with Diane Williams and Theresa Venette. I have cats so it was a no brainer. Copyright 2014! Been in my stash this whole time. Charted both DMC and GAST, I have just two GAST and the rest is DMC. My momma cat had 7 kittens so I'll be personalizing all the cats on the pattern. Next.. This is Yule from the 2016 Christmas Winter issue, PNPS magazine. Another longtime stash resident. Called for floss on mystery linen. I have just the Y stitched. Next is.. A super nice pattern, nice and small. I still need two more overdyed floss for this but I may use D

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas however you had it in this time of covid. I spent mine with my daughter and her boyfriend. We ate breakfast burritos, buffalo chicken dip, chocolate, and cookies! It was perfect! Then my 1 brother from Phoenix drove up to join us. Here we are in a new year full of Hope. I am hoping that we can get a handle on covid, get the election quandary figured out but mostly get back to living again without masks and hand sanitizer. My family are doing well and staying healthy. This post is going to be about my usual yearly update, the winner of the nice leftovers from my giveaway, and plans for this year. Let's go! The winner of the new year's eve giveaway is Jackie! Congrats Jackie! See below what I'll be sending you. I'm pretty sure you are a high count fabric stitcher. You are in a few FB groups that I'm in.  A BBD project bag that I've had for a long time, bagged up and was never used. A cute squirrel needle minde