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Almost Halloween!

Hi all! Hope you're all doing well! Thanks for commenting on my inaugural post 2 weeks ago. Since I'm not posting from my iPad, I can now get long-winded here! I thought I would mention what is happening at this new blogger format using my iPad. When I'm at the new post layout, I'm able to write a title and that's it! There's no way to get into the body of the post where I can write and add pics. This is why I'm now having to post to this new blog using my cellphone. I miss my old blog. Also I'm not seeing a way to add a blog roll or even to put a follow button! So just bear with me, this all might be temporary. I'm going to see about getting wifi again and that may help in fixing all of this.  Let's talk about stitching! After a few more stitching on Crone on the Hill by PSS...       I stitched that portion of the house with the tiny window, I moved onto Halloween! I just finished this last night.. From the JCS September/October 2009 issue. I fo

New blog!

Hi all! Well, I have started this new blog since I couldn't find a way to sign in to the other one. It's a huge mess because the email I used to sign up is not used any more and the log in info is lost. So I'm going to see how this goes using my phone. I don't see how I'll be able to upload pictures either but maybe..oh I see how to load pics now! Well, here we go!  I had a new start last month, by PSS  It's a little blurry because I took the picture from off my iPad. I'll have to start taking pictures with my cell. Anyway I am starting to build the house. Next up is progress on Frosty Forest.. I finished that 4th block with the greenish house and just kept going! The border of the Frosty Forest block was mind numbing but once I got the pattern in my head, it went fast. I have folded it up and put away to stitch on next year. So my Harvest Halloween exchange partner received my package to her.. I bought her a Lucy Beam/Becky Noland project bag and some trims