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Progress and a WIP parade!

Hi there! Thanks for commenting on the last post! Carol, lots of Arizonans go to San Diego to get out of the heat. I guess we're called Zonies, haha.  How's everyone? We're all good here. I think back in January I mentioned doing a WIP parade and here I am starting it off today. First, here's progress on Bittersweet September by BBD. I erroneously called it Bittersweet Sampler last time.. It's not very big. The called for linen is 32ct but I'm using 36. The alphabet is over 1 except for the W. I have to take breaks from doing the over 1! I have to admit that taking pictures of these WIPs for the parade has me thinking of packing Bittersweet up and stitching on a few WIPs! It's almost the end of April and then Maynia begins, aargh. I just need 28 hour days! Here goes the parade. Listed in no particular order.. Song of the Seasons by LHN, a mystery sampler released, gosh, about 5 years ago? Maybe more? Anyway, it still makes me happy. I need to carve out time

Satin nights and days

Hi all! A month and a few days later, I am back. Spring has sprung in Arizona; I have the door open, heater is off for now, and I am not wearing my jacket. But best of all, I am down to wearing 1 pair of socks and 1 tee to bed! During winter, I wear 2 pairs of socks and a short sleeve tee and a long sleeve tee. It's been pleasant. However, you're not here for my seasonal clothing habits! I have a finish, bday SAL progress, and Maynia plans, so let's get going! First is my finish...Red House by Sheepish Designs.. Here she is and I just love it. I stitched on this the entire month of March. There's a lot of flowers, and other things. Some flowers are satin stitched, hence my title of this post. I just finished last Wednesday. I used a 36ct linen from Dixiesamplar with GAST. The words are the Brethren Blue. I am seeing that Brethren Blue is now available. Here is what I'm stitching now.. Bittersweet Sampler by BBD. I have since added more satin stitched diamonds at the