Progress and a WIP parade!

Hi there! Thanks for commenting on the last post! Carol, lots of Arizonans go to San Diego to get out of the heat. I guess we're called Zonies, haha. 

How's everyone? We're all good here. I think back in January I mentioned doing a WIP parade and here I am starting it off today.

First, here's progress on Bittersweet September by BBD. I erroneously called it Bittersweet Sampler last time..

It's not very big. The called for linen is 32ct but I'm using 36. The alphabet is over 1 except for the W. I have to take breaks from doing the over 1! I have to admit that taking pictures of these WIPs for the parade has me thinking of packing Bittersweet up and stitching on a few WIPs! It's almost the end of April and then Maynia begins, aargh. I just need 28 hour days!

Here goes the parade. Listed in no particular order..
Song of the Seasons by LHN, a mystery sampler released, gosh, about 5 years ago? Maybe more? Anyway, it still makes me happy. I need to carve out time to get this up to speed.

Next up..
These Is My Words by LHN. Based on a trilogy of frontier times in southern Arizona, a loose biography of a woman and her family. Great reading. Maybe I'll dedicate June to these long-time WIPs.

Third WIP is..
A Bee in your Bonnet by Summerhouse Stitcheworks. I have to gather all the flosses again because I inadvertently put them all away and may have used a couple somewhere else. I'm worried about the dye lots. I should make this my summer stitching project.

Fourth WIP is..
Crone on the Hill by PSS. I bought it kitted up from Needlecraft Corner. Love that place!

Numero 5! 
By Ship's Manor. I bought this while browsing Etsy. I was bored with what I had been stitching on. That moon is confetti stitching. I think that is scaring me off!

Up next is..
Girls in Blue Dresses by Merry Wind Farm. Why oh why have I abandoned this?! It'll be on the June WIPtastic list. That's what I'm calling my month of WIP stitching!

Continuing on..
This may end up on the WIPtastic list. Using all silks, NPI, a bit of decadence! That's how I feel when stitching with silks.

The very last one for this week is..
this oldie but goodie from my Aida stitching days. Season of The Heart by Dimension. I should just finish it. It'll become a pillow that will come out for Christmas. It's easily over 10 years old.

That's the first bunch of WIPs, no worries because I have more! I will be back every Sunday with the latest round of WIPs. It's nice going through them all.

Alrighty, that's it. I hope you're all keeping safe and healthy. I'm not sure of the covid numbers here in Arizona but I for one keep washing the hands and wearing the mask. It's becoming second nature to grab the mask and the hand sanitizer but I'm seeing more and more people unmasking.

Take care!


  1. What a fun post! I enjoyed seeing your WIPs and look forward to watching your progress. They're all special in their own way... I'd have a hard time choosing which to stitch on!

    1. Thanks Vicki! I am having a hard time choosing WIPs to stitch on! I have 3 chosen, need 1 more.

  2. I do like a WIP Parade! You have some beautiful samplers here. I always have a Marathon on the Longest Day of the Year where I try to stitch for at least 30 minutes on each of my WIPs. Care to join me?!

    1. That sounds interesting Jo. Did you talk about it on your blog? I'll go look at your blog right now.

  3. Wow! That is some parade, Shelly! Lots of variety and lots of pretty WIPs... I think I only have a couple unfinished things as I'm a pretty monogamous (boring?!) stitcher--ha ha!

    Yes, I've heard my son talk about 'zonies'--so funny! I'm not sure how much longer I'll be flying out to San Diego as there is a good chance they'll be moving to Washington DC (only a four hour drive from me) this fall. Keeping my fingers crossed :) Enjoy your day ♥


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