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 Hi everyone! I'm back. Sorry I disappeared but I have been stitching. I have 4, yeah 4, finishes and progress. First off here's my progress.. This is 29th December 1925 from myfanny who has an Etsy shop. I don't remember where I saw this but it's so pretty and peaceful, I had to have it. Here's mine.. On 32ct pearl grey linen, a favorite linen. Lots of work stitching all the white! Thankfully all the white floss in the back doesn't show up in the front. All those single stitches in the border are not single stitches! They are all attached, lots of long floss lines in the back. Haha. Here are my finishes now.. Here is Season of Mitts and Mellow Fruitfulness by Goodflora Stitchwort. On a mystery piece of linen. I changed my hate to brown not black like on the chart. I also tweaked his bunny tail. 2014 is when I downloaded this PDF so I'm glad to have it finished. It's a nice pincushion size so that's what it'll become. Next finish is Comfort and J