Hi everyone! I'm back. Sorry I disappeared but I have been stitching. I have 4, yeah 4, finishes and progress. First off here's my progress..

This is 29th December 1925 from myfanny who has an Etsy shop. I don't remember where I saw this but it's so pretty and peaceful, I had to have it. Here's mine..
On 32ct pearl grey linen, a favorite linen. Lots of work stitching all the white! Thankfully all the white floss in the back doesn't show up in the front. All those single stitches in the border are not single stitches! They are all attached, lots of long floss lines in the back. Haha.

Here are my finishes now..
Here is Season of Mitts and Mellow Fruitfulness by Goodflora Stitchwort. On a mystery piece of linen. I changed my hate to brown not black like on the chart. I also tweaked his bunny tail. 2014 is when I downloaded this PDF so I'm glad to have it finished. It's a nice pincushion size so that's what it'll become.

Next finish is Comfort and Joy..
From the 2020 Christmas Winter issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher. It called for 40ct but I used 36. All DMC. The linen is Tobias by Seraphim fabrics.

Next is..
Peek a Boo by Val's Stuff. Love this, it's so cute. I get a kick out of the jack o lantern!

Up next is a long time kitted project..
Vanilla and Chocolate by LHN. On called for 30ct Cocoa. I've had this kitted for about 7 years! Last time I showed this all I had was Vanilla. Nice to have it done.

So there's all my stitching for February basically!

News on my brother. He went back to work Feb. 2 and nearly had a full on panic attack in front of his boss! My brother is a heavy equipment operator on big projects like freeways and subdivisions. They park quite a ways from where their machines are and my brother hadn't quite gotten his air back. He found he had to stop sometimes to catch his breath and by the time he reached the work area, he panicked and had to talk himself down. I'm happy to say he's breathing much easier, back to mountain biking and doing some weight lifting. He's weaning himself off Xanax which helped with the anxiety of losing his breath. That guy has had a couple of rough months! We all continue to avoid covid, still doing all the sanitizing, etc.

What am I stitching on for March? I picked up another bday SAL and will keep putting a dent in my WIP pile. I just had a nice thing done for me yesterday. I'm on Stash Unload and they have a post for ISO items, in search of. I needed Brethren Blue for a sampler and I advertised that on the ISO page on Saturday. Yesterday I had a comment from a Stitcher who said she has an extra skein! When we messaged each other, she asked if I wanted two skeins! Yes! How much? She's just sending them to me. I'm going to PIF soon and she said that would be nice. How great is that?!

Well that's it! I need to comment on blogs more often. So far I've seen and commented on Carol's blog.

Take care and stay healthy!


  1. Your finishes look fabulous. My favorite is the Comfort and Joy bird. Your WIP is looking good!

  2. Great finishes! I do like Val's Stuff but the only place I've seen her work is in Just Cross Stitch magazine. I also like the My Fanny design, I stitched her Be Well freebie last year and would like to purchase a chart or two from her Etsy!

    1. Thanks Jo. I'll have to check out the rest of the myfanny designs. It's dangerous to get on Etsy sometimes!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Gracie. I really need to get back to regular blog reading. Hope your doing well!

  4. Well, first of all, I hope your brother keeps on getting better, Shelly. This Covid virus affects everyone so, so differently. I'm glad he is well enough to return to work, but hope and pray he can get these panic attacks under control. That must be such a scary feeling to not be able to breathe...

    Your finishes are all darling! I think my favorite is the one by Goodflora Stitchwort (gotta love that name!). I'll be looking forward to seeing how you finish them. I'm hoping to get a blog post started this afternoon. I sure do procrastinate now that I have all the time in the world being retired--ha ha! Take care now, Shelly, and have a wonderful week ahead ♥


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