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A freebie of a month!

Hello! How is everyone post-Thanksgiving? My daughter, her boyfriend, and I did Thanksgiving at a local restaurant and it was fine. There were lots off other people doing the same thing! It is weird to not have leftovers though. Sometime in December I will roast a turkey breast. So I have some finishes and progress to show on this second to last day of November. Let's go! Last post, I mentioned stitching some ornaments. Well, I managed to stitch two! Here they are.. On the left is an untitled freebie pear from Marni (spelling?) at Santa's and Samplers at her blog. I have a printout of the design and I wasn't sure if it was a holiday design or not. What the heck, I'll stitch it and see how it looks. There's the red of the flower buds and green of the flower. Christmas colors! Works for me! I may make it an ornament in a pear shape. On the right is Sampler Winter, a freebie found at I didn't center this very good so I had to leave o

Halloween..the day after

Happy November 1st! The year is just sliding by as usual. I was too busy to get on here for Halloween but I also needed the extra day to FFO a few things. So picture heavy, let's go! Here's my last progress on Town of Halloween.. I started on the fence and stopped a couple weeks ago so I could work on this WIP.. Christmas Promise, a freebie from Heartstring Samplery.. This is turning out to be so pretty. It's on 36ct R&R Alabaster using DMC. Beth didn't stitch a model so it's a mystery as to how it looks stitched up. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Ok, back to Halloween! Here are two finishes from more than 9 years ago, and look, I used to stitch on Aida! A Notforgotten Farm pattern. I can't remember the name of it but I left off a pumpkin vine at the bottom of the numbers..and I think the magazine the pattern is found in is The Cross Stitcher but I don't know what issue. It's on Aida too. I love both pillows. So I FFO'd today and made