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A winner and progress!

Hello! Well, the 15th has come and gone and the winner of my 10th blogaversary is Carol of the Stitching Dreams blog! Congrats Carol!  I have most of the prizes but thought I'd wait until after Christmas to get all the rest. The week leading up to Christmas is always a hectic one with wrapping gifts, baking, and planning what food to eat on the big day. So Carol, as a follower of your blog for many years, I totally know what fabric you like to stitch on and the designers you like! The only WIP I've stitched on thus far is Christmas Garden by BBD. I have stitched on it practically every day, an hour or two weekday evenings and longer on weekends. I am now in the middle portion.. I hope it's not too blurry. I'll keep stitching on this thru to the end of December but there won't be much left to go. It's a big one, on 30 or 32ct. It's been a WIP for at least 5 years. Some updates to report. The owners of where I work quarantined for 14 days. They only had mild s