A winner and progress!

Hello! Well, the 15th has come and gone and the winner of my 10th blogaversary is Carol of the Stitching Dreams blog! Congrats Carol! 

I have most of the prizes but thought I'd wait until after Christmas to get all the rest. The week leading up to Christmas is always a hectic one with wrapping gifts, baking, and planning what food to eat on the big day. So Carol, as a follower of your blog for many years, I totally know what fabric you like to stitch on and the designers you like!

The only WIP I've stitched on thus far is Christmas Garden by BBD. I have stitched on it practically every day, an hour or two weekday evenings and longer on weekends. I am now in the middle portion..

I hope it's not too blurry. I'll keep stitching on this thru to the end of December but there won't be much left to go. It's a big one, on 30 or 32ct. It's been a WIP for at least 5 years.

Some updates to report. The owners of where I work quarantined for 14 days. They only had mild symptoms like the headache and mild loss of taste. They've tested again and are now negative. We at work haven't stopped wearing masks though! It's a habit now. As for my family, we are all staying healthy.

Last post I mentioned a follow-up giveaway for extras that I bought. That'll happen new year's eve. I'm automatically entering you other two, you know who you are! Another project bag, a needleminder, a floss keeper, and a few other things. Once again, I can only mail in the US. If anyone from the UK is reading this, I've read that your PM has announced another tier of covid-19 protections. I really am hoping 2021 will be a better year but I guess we need to look at the positives. 

Another sad announcement is that Teri/Dixiesampler Exchanges is officially stepping down as hostess of the exchange that I've been part of for 4+ years. If someone steps up to be host, it'll continue but so far there are none. It's not the easiest thing to herd humans! Not saying that's the problem but this latest exchange some members received their partners but didn't make a thing! So Teri had to step in and make items for that partner that was left dangling. I will miss this exchange.

Alrighty, I think that's it! Tomorrow is the 21st and that's the date I started this blog. It's been a fun ride and I've met so many stitchers that I now think of as friends. Thank you for following along!

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Congratulations to Carol on winning the giveaway! It is a shame that people who sign up for exchanges don't follow through. I know Terri's exchanges will be missed. Your Christmas Garden is looking good. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, that is such a nice surprise, Shelly! I was just catching up on my blog reading (way behind from having my son home at Christmas) when I came across the good news! Thank you so much--I know I'll love whatever you send me :)

    Your Christmas Garden is gorgeous--one I always "think" about stitching when I see it, but never seem to get around to. If only I needed just a couple hours of sleep each night--ha ha!

    I hope someone picks up Teri's hostess jobs--that would be a difficult one! I just started a "12 in '21 Ornament SAL" on IG and, hope it will be easy. It should be as all I have to do is to remind folks to post their finishes with the hashtag. No deadlines, but it will be interesting to see how many of the 200 who expressed interest actually end up stitching all 21.

    Happy New Year, Shelly--please continue to stay safe. I am just waiting (impatiently) for my age group to be called for the vaccine. I want to fly out to CA and see that grandbaby again! ♥

    1. Thanks Carol! Hmm, a 12 in 21 SAL, sound intriguing! I have some Christmas ornaments slated in my bday SAL. I just need to download IG app to this phone.


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