Maynia update, parade

Hi all! Hope you're doing well and staying healthy. I totally forgot to post the rest of my WIP parade! So today I'll show more WIPs and my stitching for Stitchmaynia. Let's go!

First up is Kringles by LHN...

I stitched to the 17th and stopped. The pattern has 3 dormer windows, I've stitched just the 1. The roof is kicking my butt! The white fence-like stitching is like a widow's walk. I would get tired of doing the roof and would stitch the windows, etc. I will stitch on this during the WIP challenge coming up Summer Solstice. The next project is Midnight Ride..

The fabric is more dk blue gray. I stitched from the center where the bat is up to the witch because I prefer starting at the top. You would think I would have more stitched in 14 days but I found I could only stitch during weekends.

Parade time! This bunch of WIPs are from my bday SAL and they haven't been touched since then. In no particular order..
This one I'm not too happy with. I may shelve it and use a lighter linen for it.

For the past 2 month I've been stashing like crazy; buying PDFs on Etsy, buying fabrics and floss. I have put a lid on it but I had to have this..
A box from notforgottenfarm on Etsy for this design..
I bought this pattern on Stash Unload, had most of the floss, 2 of them, 1 substituted, and began stitching. It has a Halloween vibe to it but that's probably from the floss-Dried Thyme, Clockwork, and Raven which is not the Raven I'm used to! It's black with dk green. My other skein with just one strand doesn't have the green in it. Oh well, it works.

Anyway, I feel like I gotten enough new stash that I don't need to buy any more!

Those WIPs above, and all my others, they will be worked on for 30 minutes each on Summer Solstice which falls on a Sunday here in the US. I'm looking forward to it.

Now that Stitchmaynia is about over, I'll keep on stitching on Rest Thy Scissors until I'm finished. I'm getting the Halloween thing and want to start some Halloween patterns, small stuff that I can finish quickly. Next time I post, I'll show what I've started. Along with the rest of my WIPs to parade.

Take care everyone. Covid is not quite gone but it sure is nice to have a little more normalcy going on.

See ya next time!


  1. Nice to see all you've been working on, Shelly! I'm not sure how you keep everything straight, but good for you :) I am such a monogamous stitcher (well, usually one large and one small thing going on at any given time). I've hardly bought any new stash this year, but there are a couple of things I have my eye on... maybe this summer I'll treat myself. Hope June is a good month for you and I'm so glad we are over the worst of the Covid mess. Take care now. ♥


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