Getting there!

 Hi all! I'm back for my bday SAL update. It ends on the 29th which is my bday. Just 5 more new starts to go! I'm amazed that I've kept up. Let's get to the pictures!

I left off on the Ewe & Eye & Friends last post. No pictures because all I stitched was a row of the border. It calls for the four-sided stitch but who's got time for that?! So that border will be just regular stitches.

Next up..

This is Toil and Trouble by LK. I cannot find the chart for this. It's here in this house somewhere. On a leftover piece of linen using overdyed floss. Next...

Warm Wishes from an older JCS ornament issue. I have just that top border stitched.

Next is..
The Size of The Gift from the 2016 issue of the JCS ornament mag. On 40ct Helix by PTP. Whew, I know I can't stitch on 40ct too often. I use readers but maybe I need a stronger pair. It's a cute design and should stitch up fast. 

Next up..
That is Happy Halloween, from last year's Halloween issue. I just needed 5 DMC colors and a scrap of linen. I'll start this today sometime.

I also have Comfort and Joy
I have since stitched the entire border, Comfort &, and I'm started on the flower now. On 36ct instead of the 40 called for, it's going to be a nice pincushion size. I want to finish it like the model. From the PNPS 2020 Christmas/Winter issue.

That's it for the moment. I mentioned my brother and covid? On Wednesday, we thought he was turning the corner after being feverish and headachy for 11 days. He said he felt good. However Friday morning he had to take himself to the ER. He started coughing and was coughing up blood. He has covid pneumonia. Yesterday, his nurse called to tell me he is doing good, they lowered his oxygen. He was getting 6 liters and he's at 4 now. They also moved him out of the ICU and into a less heavily monitored floor. So he's bouncing back. Friday was a bad day as I sat here frustrated because I couldn't drive down to see him. So I threw myself into my stitching! Whew, it's been a couple of nerve-wracking days. He still has no fever or the headaches. It seems the pneumonia is the last hurdle he has to go through. He's been texting me the whole time so he's aware of what's going on. It scared him. My brother is 6' 4", he's a big burly guy who thought himself invincible. Well, guess what buddy, haha! I'm glad he's still with us.

Thanks for your comments last post on behalf of my family. My daughter and her boyfriend both tested negative!

I hope you all continue to be safe!


  1. Another super assortment of starts for your birthday SAL! Sorry your brother landed back in the hospital, but very glad to hear he is bouncing back. Take care!

  2. Great work on your Birthday Starts! Hope to see lots of finishes throughout the year.
    Glad that your brother did the sensible thing and checked into hospital. Hope he makes a good recovery.

  3. Great stitchy choices!
    Prayers for your brother.
    Have a great week!


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