It's February!

And the days they just keep rolling on. I'm back for my bday SAL update, an actual finish, and news.

First of all, this is what we were dealing with..

Snow piling up on my front porch. The total came to about 14 inches. Further up the highway where my daughter lives and works, they had two and a half feet to deal with. Some places up in the hills got 3ft. I missed two days of work. This was last week. Also last week, the USPS lost my package that had floss and fabric for the last two days of my bday SAL!! So I just stopped and decided to stitch on a SAL project from the very first day..Boo
From the 2014 JCS Halloween issue. It's not a big piece. Off it goes to the FFO pile!

So here is where I wanted to explain my blogaversary giveaway and my favorite things. Ten items for 10 years. Carol has received her package and she shows it on her newest blog post. So here we go..
I love With Thy Needle and Thread designs and so does Carol. The 32ct fabric that went with it is a favorite of mine. The project bag and threadkeep are both from Becky Noland, designer of Lucy Beam. The project bags she makes feel so good, nicely padded and with a color coordinated button and ribbon. The threadkeep is weighty and nice to have on hand. The needleminder comes from Magnetic Needle Minders By Grace Radgoski on FB. Her minders are reasonably priced and the shipping is quick. I'm in Arizona and she's in PA and her packages to me always arrive in 3-4 days. My favorite needles are Bohin and are Carol's too I was happy to know! I tucked in a journal in bright colors and have one just the same. I write down SAL plans on it, my fabric wants and needs, and my finishes on the journal. Carol finishes her own stitching as do I so I sent her two rolls of trim from Hob Lob. I also sent 10 skeins of floss and they have a story behind them! Four DMCs-310 because you always need black, 3768 blue gray, 3042 and 3861. Those last two are a pretty shade. The overdyed floss are two each from GAST, WDW, and CCW. I'm not sure of what goes with what but here's what they are: Sea Shelley-my name, haha, Apple Fritter-my favorite donut, Amethyst-my daughter's birthstone, Cactus-because Arizona, Autumn-my favorite season, and Cranberry-just love that color! Last but not least is the door hanger. A favorite of mine, designed by Erica Michaels. It's a very pretty design, I'll see if I have a picture of it..

Here are the other gifts Carol got..

Thanks Carol for being a longtime follower of my blog!

An update on my brother, he has survived! Whew, that was a scary time. A week ago, he was released from the hospital with no big breathing problems. Three days prior, they lowered the amount of oxygen they were giving him, down to 4 liters. The rest of the time he was able to get his breath back on his own. Doctor told him to stay home for the week and get his breathing stronger before thinking of going back to work. I'm not sure I mentioned it but he had covid pneumonia. He drove himself to the ER and they promptly stuck him in ICU. That was two Fridays ago. He really bounced back quickly. I think he'll be able to go back to work real soon. Thanks for your words of comfort!

I think this is it. I've decided to stitch on all my bday SAL projects for the entire month of February. If my 123 package ever gets here, I will start the two projects. Stay tuned for that!

I hope you all remain healthy and happy. Covid has come too close to my family and it's driven home the importance of masks, handwashing, and sanitizing. This is how I've managed to avoid covid-19.

Take care!


  1. Your Boo finish is adorable. Glad to hear that your brother is on the mend and growing stronger daily. Enjoy your month of stitching from your birthday SAL during February!

  2. Well, first of all--so glad your brother is home and recovering well, Shelly! What a scare. You just never know how Covid will affect any one person, do you? My brother-in-law had it and only felt fatigue and yet others suffer and die. I'm glad you have remained free of the virus even with your going to work. I feel pretty safe here--retired and just sitting at home. We've been doing curbside pickup for almost a year now for everything. I love it :)

    It was so nice to read about your wonderful gifts! Especially loved the story behind the overdyed floss... that makes them even more special. Thank you again, so very much, for the wonderful giveaway package, Shelly--and especially for your beautifully stitched and finished ornament.

    Crazy that you got so much snow in AZ! We got about 9" from the latest storm and it is so pretty--of course, it's easy to say that when I can just stay inside :)

    Take care now--happy stitching and thank you again ♥

  3. Wow, that's a lot of snow! Lovely prize for Carol, I read her blog post and know she loved it all.
    Glad that your brother is recovering now, hope he takes it easy and doesn't rush back to work too soon.

  4. That's a lot of snow, the best idea is to look through the window and settle with some stitching. Your gift to Carol is lovely, enjoynyour bday SAL. Such great news about your brother, stay safe, stay well


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